HDD - Horizontal Directional Drilling Specialists

Quality and experience makes the difference

About HDDT


What We Do

HDD Thailand is a Horizontal Directional Drilling specialist and construction company with international expertise in delivering technically challenging HDD projects worldwide. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and production. 


Working Together

HDDT has over 150 experienced HDD professionals from management, consultants, and supervision to rig-hands and mud men involved in projects in Asia, Africa, Australasia, and the Middle East. Our carefully selected specialist staff are dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmentally considerate production possible.


Why Choose Us?

HDDTs objective is to exceed industry standards and bring exceptional quality and value to our clients. HDDT has proven success rate in the execution of large diameter multi rig projects, we believe experience makes the difference and specialize in large and challenging maxi rig crossings. 

Turnkey Service

HDDT has the international knowledge, experience, contacts and resources to service all aspects of HDD construction from project design, engineering, planning, and budgets through to execution and as-built documentation. 

HDD Equipment

HDDT is committed to continual growth with new quality equipment being added to our inventory with every project. All equipment is matched to the project requirements, along with the usual drilling spreads HDDT has several specialised survey systems including the LFB Large Field Beacon system from Vector Magnetics, the only unit in Asia. 

HDDT offer HDD equipment maintenance from pre-project preparations to fabrication of ancillary equipment, tanks, mud systems and pumps to handle any project requirements. We specialise in complete overhauls and equipment upgrades. 

Down Hole Tooling

HDDT offer the highest quality HDD down hole tooling and service from soft silts to hard rock. 

We engineer and fabricate soft hole tooling to exacting standards, we use and recommend the highest quality specialist hard rock tooling and mud motors from TRANSCO Australia. 

HDDT has in-house tooling connection repair facilities, with our 10” double chuck CNC lathe and gauges for most API pipe connections we can offer subs supply or rebuilding and re-dressing of used tooling.